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Meet the Photographer


Hi, I'm Erika Doyle.

 "Photography is how I see life and how I capture it through a lens."- Erika Doyle.

I've had a passion for photography since I was three years old. My mother and I would have these extravagant photo shoots with wardrobe changes, shag carpet back drops, the whole nine. I quickly fell in love with photography. When I was five, I received my very first "official camera", where I would go through film like crazy...folks still remember film don't they? Although the world of photography has changed drastically, my love for it has not.

My scope of life through a lens grew during my time in college. I traversed much of the southern part of The United States. These wondrous journeys pulling off the road and taking pictures of nature, whether it be the wonderful sunsets, unique fault lines on rock cliffs or the beauty of the flatlands. By capturing these moments instantly, I treasured them forever. After graduating from the University of North Texas with a B.S. in Educational Psychology,  I established my own photography agency, Erika Monique Photography in 2012.

Outside of photography, I am a school teacher, loving wife to Pastor Samuel Doyle, and caring mother of the two most precious jewels in my life, two year old Samia and nine-month old Eden. Everyday, I thank God for my family, friends and students I've been blessed with to walk a life of faith.

Throughout my life journey, photography has been a consistent pleasure. Every time I book a photo shoot, travel across the U.S. or go home for the holidays I am excited I get the opportunity to capture blissful moments and precious memories.


I pray that as you browse my portfolio you are inspired by my photos and portraits. If you would love to book a session or have any questions email me on my contact me page. If you email me during business hours (8 AM-5 PM Monday-Friday), I will respond to you the same day. Any emails outside of business hours during the week will receive a response the following day. Emails on Fridays after five will be answered on Monday. God bless you, and I hope we can capture memories together, one photo at a time.

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